Databases and Data structures masterclass - how to structure and build databases for apps and websites
3 ways to build world-class databases
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1. If you don't understand this database structure and design, you will never be able to build any useful software.
2. If you are going to be funding, supervising, or building software anytime, this is a topic you need to really understand. It's non-technical, doesn't involve programming but that's what is at the core of almost every software out there.

As usual, I am going take the topic and break it down to the point that the woman that fries corn in the streets can design and structure the database for a corn ordering app.

Each year, I interview 100s of developers, the question that most software developers fail most are centered around proper database design.

If a developer does not understand database structures, they will eventually ruin the whole project.

I am finally making the course on world standard database design for dummies, with lots of exercises.

All the students I have mentored physically before I ever teach them how to code, I teach them how to design databases for all sorts of projects.

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Dave has over 100,000 students on software development and similar topics.

1. Understand databases

2. How to model databases for websites, apps and concept ideas
3. 6 exercises  including a food ordering system, a religious center management system, a blog etc
4. How to import and export databases
5. How to design databases ER diagrams 
6. How to use PHPMyadmin

1. People investing in tech projects

2. People working with tech teams
3. People learning software development
4. Software developers who want to understand how standard world-class software are built

This is a non-technical course, all you need to participate is an interest in understanding how good softwares work at the root level.

1. Will I be writing any codes in this course?
2. Can I become a good software developer without understanding databases?

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